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Back around 2014 as I was researching antique furnishings for the 1883 house I am restoring, I looked up an old piano or two as I would find them for sale. You know how it is; you search for pretty much any piano manufacturer and one of the first listings is on Antique Piano Shop’s website. I did not realize that restoring pianos was a thing, but when I saw the piano restoration photos on their website, it went on my bucket list of things to do in life. At this time I was a cashier making just over minimum wage, essentially my first job, and spending the amount of money on a piano that might normally be spent on a good reliable car seemed way out of my league.
In the process of time I learned more about old furniture and pianos, then found the ideal piano to fit my house restoration project. The local antique store had this 1882 Haines Brothers upright in Brazilian Rosewood. 
It took a few years but after switching jobs and making a whole lot more money, I was ready! After talking with Michael Stinnet, I learned that it was possible to put a custom high gloss finish on the Rosewood, and since I wanted my piano to have a luxurious look, I decided to spend the extra money for that. 
Kim handled the shipping arrangements and my piano was picked up and delivered to their shop, on a waiting list. Then the pandemic hit! The shop had to close for several weeks! I started to worry whether they would stay in business! I would check in with Kim every two or three months, and it turned out that the shop opened up, work resumed on pianos, and eventually they got to mine. I told them to call me before refinishing it, and I’m glad I did, because they let me discuss what I wanted with some of their team, and that was reassuring.
Eventually my piano was finished, and they restored it exactly as I was hoping! It looks like the 1880’s status symbol it once was 140 years ago, and has such a clear and beautiful tone!
They shipped it back home, and then it was necessary to wait a couple of months to have it tuned and regulated. They hired one of the best technicians in my area for that. Now my piano plays a whole lot like I imagine it did when new, and it really does bring some history to life.