Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Cogell

Custom Made John Broadwood & Sons French Style Upright Piano, 1858


After a few months of hit and miss inquiries with auction houses and antique dealers, it was a very fortunate day when I sent an email to Antique Piano Shop regarding the sale of our beautiful antique piano. They were the first location which understood our wish to have this masterpiece restored and placed in an environment where it would be appreciated.

I immediately received a response  from the owner and founder of Antique Piano Shop.  From that day forward we worked on a goal of restoration and sale.  Within two weeks from that date professional movers picked up our piano and delivered it to the company.  I was totally kept abreast of each restoration and, finally, a lovely video of the piano being played was sent to us.  The video was the first time we heard how beautiful  it sounded and looked after restoration by Antique Piano Shop.  The piano sold almost immediately.  I cannot say enough about the appreciation and professionalism from  the entire staff who dealt with our antique piano.  We were kept abreast every step of the way in its metamorphosis into what it was meant to be in 1858.

Soon our piano will be shipped to a location where it will be appreciated by a worldwide audience.  It has reached a special destination as I had hoped, thanks to The Antique Piano Shop. 

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Cogell