Having my piano back home is like an old, very dear friend returning after an extended absence. So very loved and welcome!!!

Michael, the miracle you worked on my “old friend” is truly spectacular! I never dreamed the case was as beautiful as it is. The rosewood grain and color are outstanding. I worried that replacing so much would alter the touch and sound of the piano—instead you improved both! You and your staff are true craftsmen with obvious love for what you do. There are few people today who demonstrate the expertise, knowledge, and respect for pianos that you do. I was particularly pleased that you have such a special fondness for Mathushek pianos (part of you, I’m sure, is now embedded in this grand old piano). I cannot praise you enough!!

Michael, working with you, Kim, and everyone else at the Antique Piano Shop has been delightful (meeting your Mother was an added bonus). You all are very professional, personable, and extremely courteous to your customers. You demonstrated a sincere respect for my many questions, concerns, and lack of knowledge. The entire process was just as you initially described. Very, very impressive!!!!

Warmest personal regards from one of your biggest fans!

Ann Marie W.