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Player Piano Restoration Packages
Player Piano Restoration Packages
This page gives detailed information about our player piano restoration packages. Pricing information is located at the bottom of this page.

OLD FAshion player pianos

At the Antique Piano Shop, we specialize in player piano restoration. Two very important points we would
like to make are these:

First, a player piano is only going to play and sound as good as the piano itself. If the piano is in poor condition, no matter how fast the keys move up and down it is going to sound terrible.

Second, a player piano consists of two separate machines - the piano, and the player mechanisms that play the piano. We offer the same 3 PACKAGES with player piano restoration that we offer in traditional upright piano restoration-these packages reflect the work done on the piano itself, not the player mechanisms.

Please see Upright Piano Restoration Packages at
http://www.antiquepianoshop.com/restoration-services/restoration-packages/upright-restoration-packages/ for details about what is involved in the restoration of the piano itself.

The work we perform on the player mechanisms is the same regardless of which piano restoration level package you choose. In our player piano restoration, all pumps, valves, pneumatics, tubing, etc., are restored to like-new condition all with a historical perspective in mind. Our goal is player piano restoration is that a one-legged man can pump the player piano with ease! Today, there are thousands of songs available for player piano rolls, including current hits! To see the vast song title selection available for player pianos today, please visit this link: http://www.qrsmusic.com/music.asp?cid1=28. (Note: we offer a limited amount of reproducing work, but due to the immense time consumption of this work, we may not always have a spot available for reproducers in our shop schedule. Inquire for more information.)

Note that all 3 of our player piano packages include adding an electric vacuum pump, if desired, so that the piano can be played without having to manually pump it. This vacuum pump will not interfere with the ability to pump the piano the old fashion way.

Player Piano Restoration

Player Piano Before Restoration

Player Piano After Restoration


Pricing information

Player Piano Rebuilding & Refinishing:

Grade 1 Package: $14,000 & up

Grade 2 Package: $16,500 & up

Grade 3 Package: $20,000 and up

*Please note that some antique pianos & organs manufactured in Europe may require additional expense.

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