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Antique Organ and Melodeon Restoration
Antique Organ and Melodeon Restoration
This page gives detailed information about our antique organ and melodeon restoration packages. Pricing information is located at the bottom of this page.

Antique Organ and Melodeons

Antique Organs and Melodeons are basically the same type of instrument, only the melodeon is much earlier and a bit more primitive than the Victorian parlor organ. Both are instruments that play when air is forced across reeds when a key is depressed.

Our organ/melodeon restoration includes complete cabinet restoration & refinishing, which includes repair of broken and missing carvings, moldings, etc. The keyboard is restored if possible, or replaced with faux-ivory if the original keys are too far deteriorated to restore. All cabinet hardware is polished and/or plated as needed, and all external cosmetics are restored such as organ pedal carpet (usually supplied to us by the customer), or pedal plating/polishing on melodeons, etc. Refinishing your stool is included, or we can supply you with a correct stool, finished to match, for $350.00. Internally, all mechanisms are disassembled and restored to like-new condition including reeds, valves, bellows, etc.

Pricing Information

Antique Organ Restoration

$5,500 & up

Antique Melodeon Restoration

$5,000 & up

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