Winter Apartment Size Baby Grand Piano

Petite Winter Apartment Size Baby Grand Piano In Traditional Style Walnut Cabinet

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YEAR: 1933
LENGTH: 4 feet, 4 inches
FINISH: Walnut
STATUS: Restored

With the onset of the Great Depression, the American piano industry was virtually at a standstill. In about 1930, the Winter Piano Company introduced a line of modern, small upright and grand pianos to the market in hopes that it would start resurgence in the marketplace. Winter’s upright model was called the “Musette Spinet”, and was a huge success. It is speculated that Winter’s Musette Spinet Piano saved the American Piano Industry in the 1930s. Along with their Musette Spinet, Winter introduced a line of tiny, 4’4” Apartment Grand pianos for smaller homes and apartments. These tiny grand pianos were sleek and modern, but apparently were only sold in moderate numbers.

This Winter Apartment Grand is made of beautiful walnut wood, and is of the traditional modern style. It has been completely restored and rebuilt to like new condition. Even though it is a very small instrument, the tone and power is much more than one would expect from such a little piano. An original matching bench is included. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed if desired.