Weber Venetian Style Baby Grand Piano

Exquisite Custom Weber Venetian Style Baby Grand Piano

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DEPOSITS: The restoration of this instrument has not been completed. A 30% deposit is required on instruments pending restoration. This deposit holds the instrument and keeps it from being offered to another clients, and it also makes that piano's restoration a priority. Once we complete the restoration, we invite the client to visit our shop to see and hear the piano. If the client is unable to visit our shop, we will send professional photos and videos of the piano for review. The client then has the option of paying the balance and purchasing the piano, transferring their balance to another piano in our shop, or getting a full refund for their deposit. The client is never at risk.

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YEAR: 1928
LENGTH: 5 feet, 2 inches
FINISH: Custom Painted Venetian Style Cabinet
STATUS: Pending Restoration

During the 19th Century, The Weber Piano won their fame and stellar reputation by building exceedingly well made instruments as the piano evolved into the modern instrument we know today. By the turn of the 20th Century, Weber was one of the best pianos money could buy.

In the late ‘teens and ‘twenties era, American interior design and décor saw a huge revival in period and historical furniture styles. This “Renaissance” led to the creation of some of the most unique and beautiful pianos ever built. These instruments are true works of art, and were generally reserved for only the highest quality instruments.

Built in 1928, This Weber baby grand piano is a stunning example of the elaborate Venetian Style in custom-painted blues, greens and golds. The piano is entirely covered with beautifully vivid florals, ribbons and Fleur-de-lis designs, all hand painted in exquisite detail. With its elegantly carved triple legs, pedal lyre & molding, the overall appearance of this beautiful instrument is truly reminiscent of the “old world”. Although the instrument’s internal mechanisms are being restored to perfection, the paintings will remain original so that they will retain their lovely antique and aged patina. Simply put, the quality and craftsmanship found in this piano is seldom found today.

If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc.

The original matching bench is included.