Weaver Ebony Baby Grand Piano

Unique early 20th Century Weaver baby grand piano in satin black ebony finish

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YEAR: 1929
LENGTH: 5 feet, 2 inches
STATUS: Restored

Weaver built pianos from 1901 until 1959, and they were known for building higher grade instruments. This Weaver baby grand piano measures 5 feet 2 inches long, and is finished in a satin black lacquer finish over real mahogany wood. It has been completely restored to like new condition inside and out. When one observes this piano, one can’t help but appreciate the amazing craftsmanship that was prevalent in early 20th Century piano manufacturing. Note the unusual sunburst carving on the music stand. This Weaver baby grand piano has a warm tone and an even feel…not tinny sounding like most cheap new pianos. This piano comes with a matching ebony bench. It can have the computerized player mechanisms added if desired.


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