W. P. Emerson Victorian Square Grand Piano

The Emerson Piano Company was one of the finest builders in Boston. The Emerson brand has been celebrated by artists and musicians for over a century!

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YEAR: 1873
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

The Emerson Piano Company was one of the larger and more renowned Boston piano manufacturers throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Emerson was known for excellent quality and craftsmanship, and the firm was celebrated by artists and musicians for over a century.
This lovely piano was built in 1875, a time when the square grand piano was at its height of popularity in the Victorian American home. Note this instrument is labeled as “W.P. Emerson”, having been built before the death of W. P. Emerson. Pianos built after the death of W. P. Emerson were labeled as “Emerson Piano Company”. This piano is made of Brazilian Rosewood and is of the Rococo Victorian style. The piano has been professionally restored, inside and out, and is like new in every detail.
This piano has been equipped with computerized player mechanisms which allow the piano to play by itself in addition to being played manually by hand. An original matching piano stool is included.

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