Stieff Civil War Era Square Grand Piano

Lovely Charles M. Stieff Square Grand Piano In Heavily Carved Rococo Style Brazilian Rosewood

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YEAR: 1864
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

Charles M. Stieff was one of the more renowned piano manufacturers of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and they were commonly referred to as the “Poor Man’s Steinway”. Many Steinway dealers would sell Charles M. Stieff pianos as a more affordable alternative to the costlier Steinways, while offering comparable quality and craftsmanship. In many cases, we find Stieff pianos to actually be superior to names like Steinway.
This beautiful Stieff square grand piano is a classic example of the cabriole leg square piano built in America in late 19th century. Built by Charles M. Stieff of Baltimore. It has heavily carved scalloping around the edges of the case, as well as an ornate grilled music rack which depicts the "STIEFF" name in the woodwork. The pedal lyre has carvings which depict an American eagle, a motif often used by Stieff. This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired. Note the original painted design on the harp. This piano will be a stunning showpiece once restored.