Steinway & Sons Rococo Model B Victorian Grand Piano

Steinway is said to have built some of the finest pianos in history, and this was one of their most elaborate models of the Victorian era.

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YEAR: 1878
LENGTH: 6 feet, 8 inches
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

This piano was built by Steinway in 1878 during the height of the Victorian era. It is made of the desirable cabriole leg style with carved music rack and pedal lyre. The piano has been restored to like new condition inside and out.

The Model B has widely been considered the “perfect” Steinway piano design for well over 100 years. What makes this piano exceedingly rare is the fact that it is the famous “Model B” but it is in a “Style 2” Cabinet. This piano was built just as the Style 2 grand was discontinued and as the famous Model B was introduced to the Steinway line. This is one of a handful of Model B grand pianos that were built into the few remaining Style 2 Rococo cabinets in 1878, giving the mix of the beautiful Rococo Style and the famous Model B sound! You simply will not find another Model B Steinway in this Rococo Cabinet today.

In 2009, Steinway re-introduced a limited number of reproduction Rococo style grand pianos patterned after this original instrument. The new reproduction Rococo Steinways are retailing for about $110,000. This original piano is $85,000.

A matching bench is included.

Steinway pianos of this style and caliber are among the most rare and desirable vintage pianos in history.


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