Steinway & Sons Model A OAK Parlor Grand Piano

Elegant Steinway & Sons Traditional Style Model A Grand Piano in a RARE QUARTER-SAWN OAK CABINET

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YEAR: 1895
LENGTH: 6 feet, 0 inches
STATUS: Restored

This is a beautiful Traditional style Steinway & Sons "Model A" grand piano from the last part of the 19th Century. The Model A was one of Steinway's most popular parlor grand piano models of the era, and it was a favorite of both fine home musicians and professional pianists of the day.

This piano was built in 1895, and is made of very rare QUARTER-SAWN OAK wood. Oak was rarely used in grand piano building during the Victorian era because it was deemed a cheaper, less exotic domestic wood than mahogany or rosewood. Most oak grand pianos during this era would have been custom ordered, and they were built in exceedingly small numbers which makes them virtually non-existent today.

This piano has been completely restored to like new condition, and is virtually perfect in every detail. A matching adjustable artists bench is included. This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired.