Steinway & Sons Burl Walnut Rococo Style Grand Piano

Very Rare Burl Walnut Steinway Concert Grand Piano in the Rococo Victorian Style

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YEAR: 1874
LENGTH: 7 feet, 2 inches
FINISH: French Walnut
STATUS: Restored

This piano was built by Steinway in 1874 during the height of the Victorian era. It is made of the desirable cabriole leg style with carved music rack and pedal lyre. This piano is a "Style 2" model, the predecessor to the now famous "Model B" Concert Grand. Nearly all surviving Style 2 Rococo parlor grand pianos today are Brazilian Rosewood, but this piano is made of stunning Black Walnut wood. These instruments in Black Walnut Burl are among the rarest, most desirable vintage Steinway grand pianos in the world today and you simply can't find them available anywhere.

This piano is especially rare because it has 3 pedals, not two; the center sostenuto pedal was patented in 1874, the same year this piano was built, making it the first year Steinway offered the middle or sostenuto pedal option. (The middle pedal is found on nearly all grand pianos from the early 20th Century to present)

This piano has been restored in a high polish gloss finish. The piano looks and plays like brand new in every detail.

This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired. A matching stool is included.