Sohmer Custom Designed Neoclassical Style Parlor Grand

Sohmer was one of the last piano builders to hand-make pianos in America. This is a custom made, one-of-a-kind piano that is just visually stunning!

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YEAR: 1923
LENGTH: 5 feet, 10 inches
FINISH: Mahogany w/ Neoclassical Style Paintings
STATUS: Restored

The Sohmer Piano Company was one of the last American piano manufacturers that hand-built their pianos. They are well known for their exceptionally high quality and workmanship, and they built pianos for well over a century.
This piano is was built in 1923 during the “Golden Age” of piano building in America. It is a custom designed instrument done in the Neoclassical style. The original buyer would have picked this piano out among all others at the Sohmer factory, then they would have contracted a special artist through Sohmer’s art department to finish the piano in this “Custom Decorated Lacquer” finish to match their decor. This piano is made of brown mahogany wood, and is adorned with beautiful Neoclassical style paintings which cover the majority of the cabinet. The paintings depict ladies at their leisure, floral bouquets, ribbons and urns. The cabinet is outlined with antique gold gilded trim work which give an overall elegant and old-world look and feel to the instrument. The instrument has been restored to like-new condition and is performance ready.
If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc.
The original matching bench is included.