Seeburg Craftsman Style Orchestrion Piano

The J.P. Seeburg Piano Company was one of the largest and most successful makers of coin pianos and nickelodeons in the early 20th Century. Their instruments are of superior quality and are highly sought after by collectors today.

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YEAR: 1916
FINISH: Walnut
STATUS: Restored

This piano was built as a player piano/theater organ in the 1920's during the heyday of the nickelodeon picture show. It was built by the J.P. Seeburg Piano Co. of Chicago in 1927. It entertained movie patrons while creating music for silent movies for decades in the mid-west. Since then, the player mechanisms have been removed leaving it a regular piano. This piano is unusual because of its rare Arts & Crafts style cabinet. It is made of beautiful grained walnut, and has 2 stain glass lamps hanging on each side above the keyboard. This piano can be restored back to a player piano, or sold as a regular piano. An original bench is included.