Mathushek Colibri Model Square Grand Piano

Frederick Mathushek was one of the most celebrated innovators in American piano history. His designs and patents changed piano building forever, and his instruments, although rare, are considered some of the finest pianos ever built.

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YEAR: 1873
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

One of the most amazing contributions that Fredrick Mathushek made to the American Piano Industry was the design of his little “Colibri” model square grand piano. Mathushek spent years experimenting with this design, and his ultimate goal was to achieve the largest, fullest sound from the smallest size instrument. These tiny square grand pianos are only about 2/3 the size of a normal square grand, but their tone quality is generally as good, if not better, than most large pianos! Mathushek’s genius is apparent in the radically different design of his stringing patterns, etc., which allow a piano this size to have the tone and touch of a full size instrument. These pianos were very popular in the 19th Century, and they were praised by the industry at large as being a scientific phenomenon. For more historical background about the Colibri, please visit the Mathushek link on our online museum and read about it in the original 19th Century Mathushek sales catalogs we have available there.

This beautiful Colibri piano has been restored to perfection, and can be fitted with computerized player mechanisms if desired. A period matching stool can be included if desired.