Marshall & Wendell Louis XV Ebony Baby Grand Piano

Marshall & Wendell is one of the oldest and most renowned piano manufacturers in American history. Their pianos were built of superior quality, and we often quite elaborate and ornate.

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YEAR: 1924
LENGTH: 5 feet, 4 inches
STATUS: Restored

This is a lovely Louis XV carved grand piano built by the famous Marshall & Wendell Piano Company in about 1924. Marshall & Wendell built high quality, expensive pianos from about 1836-1953, one of the few American piano manufactures to survive well over a century! This piano is made of elegantly carved mahogany wood, and has been restored in an ebony black laquer finish. This piano measures 5’4” long, and is considered a perfect size for most homes and serious musicians alike. An authentic matching bench is included. This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired.