Lyon & Healy Cottage Upright Player Piano

Very unusual Lyon & Healy “Cottage Size” Victorian upright piano in burl walnut cabinet, Equipped with Pianomation player system

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YEAR: 1888
FINISH: Walnut
STATUS: Restored

Measuring only 47" high and 52.5" wide, this tiny little upright piano was built by the Lyon & Healy Piano Company in 1888. Lyon & Healy built exceptional pianos from 1880-1985, one of the few American Piano Companies to survive well over a century. Lyon & Healy is also known for building the world's premier concert harps. This piano is referred to as a "Cottage Upright" because of its diminutive size. It has 75 keys rather than the standard 88 keys, and was built during a time where the standard 88 note keyboard was not yet standard. This piano is about 12" smaller left to right than an ordinary upright piano, making it ideal for someone with limited space. Although it is a small piano, it has a big sound that will surprise you. This piano has been equipped with computerized player mechanisms, and it plays via compact disc. This computerized player mechanism does not change the manual playability in any way.