Leonard Player Piano

Classic early 20th Century player piano by the Leonard Piano Company of Philadelphia

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YEAR: 1924
FINISH: Honduran Mahogany
STATUS: Restored

The Leonard Piano Company was one of the largest manufacturers in Philadelphia. The Leonard brand name was built and sold by the large Lester Piano Company of Philadelphia. The Leonard Piano Company built only upright pianos and player pianos through the ‘teens and mid ‘twenties when their first baby grand was introduced in 1925.
This instrument is a classic style player piano from the height of American’s “Golden Age” of piano building. This piano was built in 1924, just one year before Leonard introduced their first baby grand piano models to their product line. This piano is made of Honduran Mahogany wood and has been restored to like-new condition, inside and out. The piano has also been equipped with an electric motor so that it can either operate automatically or be pumped manually.
The piano comes with its original matching piano bench. The matching music roll cabinet is also included.