Lauter Italian Baroque Style Apartment Size Baby Grand Piano

It is rare to find a small Apartment Size baby grand piano like this with such extensive and detailed carving and art work. Truly a rare and beautiful instrument for someone with limited space!

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YEAR: 1919
LENGTH: 4 feet, 8 inches
FINISH: Distressed Ivory Finish w/ Italian Influenced Panted Scenery
STATUS: Restored

This lovely Italian Renaissance influenced baby grand piano built by the Lauter Piano Company of Newark, New Jersey in 1919. The Lauter Piano Company was a smaller scale manufacturer when compared to most early 20th Century firms. Lauter focused on low volume, higher quality pianos which were very expensive when new.
This instrument is only 4’8” long, a size commonly known as an “apartment grand”. The “apartment grand” is one of the smallest baby grand sizes available, making the apartment grand ideal for someone who wants a baby grand piano but has limited floor space.
This piano is one of the most visually stunning instruments in our collection. It is lavishly hand carved and painted in the Italian Renaissance style. The cabinet features three sets of delicately carved double book-matched cabriole legs, all painted in beautiful muted shades of ivory, sage and turquoise. The instrument is adorned with several hand-painted murals depicting musicians and lovers set against a backdrop of the Italian countryside. The details in the carving and art work are just exquisite.
Pianos built with such extensive artistic detail were generally some of the most expensive instruments money could buy. They were generally much larger pianos, often well over 6 feet in length. Apartment size baby grand pianos with this much elaborate carving and art work are exceedingly rare, and very few were ever built. Pianos like this were only afforded to a wealthy few because of the high cost associated with building such an elaborate piano. As a result, this level of extensive artwork was used only in higher grade, better quality instruments like this Lauter baby grand. Even though this piano is quite small, it has a very good tone quality which makes the piano sound much larger than it really is.
The original matching carved bench is included.
If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc.
This is a rare opportunity perfect for someone with very limited space who wants a beautifully carved piano!