Kranich & Bach Queen Anne Style Baby Grand Piano

Elegant Queen Anne Style Kranich & Bach Baby Grand Piano In Stunning Red Mahogany Wood

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YEAR: 1929
LENGTH: 4 feet, 10 inches
FINISH: Mahogany
STATUS: Restored

This beautiful piano was built by the Kranich & Bach Piano Company of New York in 1929. Kranich & Bach built great sounding, expensive pianos from about 1864-1981, and their pianos are consistently of high quality. This piano is unusual in that it is made in a delicate Queen Anne Style Cabinet, and isn't over done. It has elegant lines and clean, uncluttered woodwork which make this piano very attractive in either period or modern room settings. This piano is made of real mahogany wood, and is finished in a deep reddish tone. These early 20th Century small grand pianos are very impressive to hear and play...they sound much different than cheaply built new baby grand pianos. A matching bench is included. This piano can be equipped with a computerized player mechanism if desired.