Kranich & Bach Louis XV Style Parlor Grand Piano

This lovely Kranich & Bach baby grand piano is one of the most beautifully designed of all Louis XV style cabinets ever produced.

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YEAR: 1918
LENGTH: 6 feet, 1 inches
FINISH: Mahogany
STATUS: Restored

Highly carved Louis XV pianos over 6 feet long are very rare. This is a larger, highly carved Kranich & Bach parlor grand piano from 1918...a prime era for American piano manufacturing. Kranich & Bach built high quality, expensive pianos from about of the few American piano manufacturers to survive well over a century. This piano is made of gorgeous mahogany wood, and boasts beautifully carved legs and scalloping along the entire case. This piano is has been restored to like new condition, and is done in a historically correct deep red mahogany finish. A matching Louis XV bench is included. This piano can be equipped with a computerized player mechanism if desired.

TECHNICAL NOTE: It is true that Kranich & Bach had a unique patented action design during the early 20th Century which is obsolete today. Most conventional piano tuners do not know how to properly adjust these unique piano actions, and their parts are difficult to find. Sadly, some piano tuners will scare a would be buyer away from investing in a beautiful Kranich & Bach piano. These pianos are of amazing quality and tone and are terribly misunderstood by most conventional piano tuners.

When these unique actions are properly restored, they work beautifully and are a pleasure to play. A buyer for this piano will have the option of having the original action painstakingly rebuilt, OR having a newer model traditional action installed in the piano. With a new action, parts are readily available and anyone can service it.