Kranich & Bach Empire Style Victorian Parlor Grand Piano

This Victorian Kranich & Bach Parlor Grand is a classic example of the heavy and bold Empire Revival influence that became popular in the late 19th Century.

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YEAR: 1887
LENGTH: 5 feet, 11 inches
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

This beautiful instrument is made of heavily carved rosewood, and is of the Empire Victorian Style. This piano is unusual since most grand pianos of this era were at least 6'4" in length...the baby grand sizes didn't become popular until well after the turn-of-the-century. Part of the unique charm of this piano is that it has a very bold and masculine appearance, yet it is rather small in actual size. This piano has a warm, mellow tone, and has been restored to mint condition. An original matching stool is included. This piano is equipped with computerized player mechanisms and plays compact discs via remote control. These computerized player mechanisms do not change the manual playability of the piano in any way.