Henry F. Miller Rococo Victorian Parlor Grand Piano

In its day, this amazing piano would have likely been at home in a large music salon or concert hall. Today, it has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

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YEAR: 1893
LENGTH: 6 feet, 10 inches
FINISH: Cherry
STATUS: Restored

Henry F. Miller built some of the finest pianos this country has ever seen. Miller built pianos from about 1870 until 1982. This piano was built in 1893, and is made of beautifully carved Rococo Victorian Style. According to its original sales catalog (see photos), it was sold as the "Style Parlor Grand". It is unusual in that it is made of cherry wood (rather than traditional mahogany or rosewood) with classical cabriole legs & pedal lyre. Note the unusual triple scalloping along the edges of the case. This piano would have been built for the concert stage or a larger home of the era. The tone of this piano is unmatched by today’s instruments, and it is about half the price of a new piano of similar size and quality. This piano can be equipped with a computerized CD player if desired. It comes with an original matching stool.