Gulbransen Mahogany Player Piano

Early 20th Century Mahogany Gulbransen Player Piano

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YEAR: 1924
FINISH: Honduran Mahogany
STATUS: Restored

During the first quarter of the 20th Century, The Gulbransen Piano Company likely built more player pianos than any other single manufacturer. (Note that the firm was also known as Gulbransen-Dickinson Company) Gulbransen player pianos were some of the finest quality, most durable player pianos ever built and they are highly regarded by collectors and restorers today. Gulbransen used the trade mark of a baby on the floor pushing a piano pedal with the logo “Easy To Play” (see photos) – indicating that very little effort was needed to operate the player piano! In reality, Gulbransen player pianos required less vacuum than most other makers, indeed making them very easy to pump.
This Gulbransen player piano is a typical model from the 1920’s era andis made of beautiful Honduran Mahogany wood. This piano has been restored inside and out, and now plays via electric motor rather than manual foot-pedal operation.


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