Gabler Rococo Style Square Grand Piano

Beautiful Rosewood Square Grand Piano by Ernest Gabler & Brother, New York

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YEAR: 1868
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

The firm of Ernest Gabler & Brother built high-quality, expensive pianos in New York from 1854 until the Great Depression. Because their pianos were so expensive when new, they were built in smaller numbers than other large manufacturers - hence their rarity today.

This beautiful piano was built by Gabler in 1868, just after the Civil War. It is made of beautifully carved Brazilian Rosewood and is made in the Rococo Victorian style. Note the beautiful Mother-of-Pearl inlay across the keyboard area - only the finest pianos were adorned with the Mother-of-Pearl inlay. This piano has been restored to like new condition. It is a pleasure to play and hear.