Erard French Baroque Ormolu Grand Player Piano

Stunning French Baroque Ormolu Style Parlor Grand Piano By Erard of Paris, equipped with Pianomation player system allowing it to play by itself if desired.

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YEAR: 1908
LENGTH: 6'6"
FINISH: Mahogany w/ Marquetry Inlay
STATUS: Restored

This lovely French Baroque style piano was built by the firm of Sebastian Erard of Paris in the French Baroque Style with brass Ormolu accents.

The French Baroque Style is one of the most beautiful and elaborate furniture styles ever produced, evolving during the reign of King Louis XV of France during the early 18th Century. Considered a sign of wealth and extravagance, the French Baroque style has remained one of the most beautiful and formal styles in history.

This instrument is made of beautifully carved mahogany wood trimmed with extravagantly detailed brass Ormolu accents which cover the entire case. The legs, lyre, and molding are extensively carved and gilded, giving the piano a stunning and formal appearance overall.

This piano was completely restored in the 1990s and was back to pristine condition, inside and out.  During the restoration, a QRS Pianomation player system was added which allows the piano to play by itself if desired.  We will install the latest and most advanced Pianomation player system which will replace the older model player system.  The original matching piano bench is included.