Davis & Sons Nickelodeon Player Piano

Beautiful Coin-Operated Davis & Sons Nickelodeon Player Piano With Hummingbird Stained Glass

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YEAR: 1909
FINISH: Mahogany
STATUS: Restored

This instrument was built from an ordinary Davis & Sons upright piano, which was rebuilt and refinished with new player mechanisms added. Would you believe a piano could be so beautiful? Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, it also plays a 15-tune roll that automatically rewinds to play again! The magnificent stained glass panels depict hummingbirds in morning glory blossoms and are lighted from behind to display an array of blended jewels and colors. The case is made of beautiful red mahogany and includes piano, mandolin effect, bass drum, snare drum, tympani effect, and tambourine. It plays one song per quarter, and is also equipped with a hidden on/off switch. The piano can still be played manually with or without the mandolin effect. A matching stool is included.