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Williams, R. S. (Canada)

The R. S. Williams Piano Company of Oshawa, Canada was originally established as the Canada Organ & Piano Company in 1873. Richard Sudgen Williams took full control of the company in 1888 and reorganized the firm as The R. S. Williams Piano Company.  In 1909 the firm was known as “R. S. Williams & Sons, Ltd”, with Frederick W. Bull as co-owner.  Pianos built by the R. S. Williams firm were highly regarded among the Canadian Piano Industry as being very well made, good sounding instruments.  In addition to the “R. S. Williams” brand name, the firm produced pianos under the names of Sudgen, Beethoven, Ennis, Everson and Krydner.  The firm went out of business in 1932.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

R.S. Williams Catalog, 1910
R.S. Williams Piano Catalog, Circa 1910