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Williams Piano & Organ Co.

The Williams Piano & Organ Company was established in 1855 by J. W. Williams as the J. W. Williams Company.  In 1884 the name was changed to J. W. Williams & Sons.  The firm incorporated as the Williams Piano & Organ Company in 1889.  Williams & Sons built a large, state-of-the-art factory at Fullerton Avenue in Chicago where both their pianos and reed organs were built. Williams enjoyed a very good reputation for building higher quality, durable instruments. They built pianos and organs under the brand names of Williams & Sons, Epworth, and Pennington. The firm was out of business before the Great Depression.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Williams Piano & Organ Calendar 1
Illustrated Advertising Pocket Calendar for The Williams Piano & Organ Company, Circa 1916
Williams Piano & Organ Calendar 2
Illustrated Advertising Pocket Calendar For The Williams Piano & Organ Company, Circa 1921
Epworth Piano Advertisement
Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisements for the “Epworth” by The Williams Piano & Organ Company
Epworth/Williams Organ Advertisements
Late 19th Century Advertisements featuring The “Epworth” Organ by The Williams Piano & Organ Company

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