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Henry Wegman, Sr. is first listed as a partner in The Ithaca Organ Company of Ithaca, NY in 1873.  The firm subsequently became The Ithaca Organ & Piano Company.  In 1882 Henry Wegman, Sr. went into partnership with Christian H. Henning and established the firm of “Wegman & Henning” in Ithaca, NY.  Wegman & Henning was dissolved in 1887 and Henry Wegman, Sr. moved to Auburn, NY to re-established his firm as “Wegman & Company”

Wegman & Co. built high-grade pianos and the firm enjoyed instant success.  Henry Wegman, Sr. is best remembered for his “Wegman Patented Tuning Pin”, a uniquely designed tuning pin apparatus that helped keep pianos in tune.  Wegman’s Patented Tuning Pin was very successful and helped the firm achieve a superior reputation in the industry.

Henry Wegman, Sr. died in 1894 at which time his son, Henry Wegman, Jr. took control and incorporated the firm as “The Wegman Piano Company”. The firm offered several lines of well-made upright pianos, grand pianos and player pianos.  The Wegman Piano Company enjoyed steady growth and success for several years.

The Wegman Piano Company began to experience financial difficulties with the onset of World War I.  By 1915 the firm had become insolvent and was purchased by Edward J. Hoffman of Newark, NJ.  Hoffman moved The Wegman Piano Company to a modern factory at Austin and Astor Streets, Newark.  Under Hoffman’s ownership, The Wegman Piano Company also produced “Malcolm Love” and “Chase & Baker” pianos at the Newark factory.

In 1922 The Wegman Piano Company was purchased by The Estey Piano Company.  Estey continued to build pianos under the Wegman name.  In 1929 The Estey Piano Company was purchased by B. K. Settergren of B. K. Settergren Company.  B. K. Settergren reorganized as The Estey Piano Corporation in 1935 with B. K. Settergren serving as President.  The Estey Piano Corporation continued to build pianos under the “Wegman” brand name until 1956.


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Wegman Piano Advertisements
Late 19th Century Advertisement For Wegman Piano Company, Circa About 1898.
Wegman Exhibit Photo
Wegman Exhibit Photo At The World Columbian Exposition, Circa 1895

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