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Vogt, George
George Vogt was a small, family owned firm that was active during the 1850s period.  George Vogt is first listed at 68 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia, then he is listed at 148 Arch Street by 1855.  In 1853, George Vogt displayed a square piano at the New York Exhibition.
There is very little historical information available about George Vogt.  In the 19th Century it was not uncommon for families to build a limited number of pianos over a period of time.  Since these small firms built so few instruments, historical information is often very difficult to find.   During the mid 19th Century a piano would cost the equivalent of a small house.  A family could do quite well building only a few pianos a year!  These family-owned firms generally built pianos of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.  Great pride went into building instruments because only the best was good enough to display the family name.

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George Vogt Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For The George Vogt-Forte Manufacturer Philadelphia.