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Van Dyke

Mr. W. W. Van Dyke original founded his firm as “The Van Dyke Piano Manufacturing Company” in Scranton, PA, in 1880. His factory was located on 1043 – 1051 Capouse Avenue, Scranton.  In 1899, Joseph Keller of Keller Brothers left Bridgeport, CT to join the Van Dyke firm in Scranton and the company was reorganized as “Keller & Van Dyke”.  Keller & Van Dyke built upright pianos under both the “Van Dyke” and “Keller Brothers” brand names.

W. W. Van Dyke died in 1902 and Joseph Keller withdrew from the firm. Mr. W. N. Van Dyke, son of W. W. Van Dyke, took control of the firm and reorganized as “The Van Dyke Piano Company”. The Van Dyke Piano Company continued to build well-made upright pianos and player pianos and enjoyed modest success.

In 1920, the Van Dyke Piano Company was purchased by The Jacob Brothers Piano Company.  Jacob Brothers continued to build pianos under the “Van Dyke” brand name until 1946.


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Van Dyke Advertisements
Early 20th Century Advertisements for The Van Dyke Piano Company, circa 1905