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Otto Torp was a renowned piano maker from the 19th Century, and was involved in several different partnerships over the years.  Otto Torp was first listed as a music professor in about 1832, and also as a music store owner and instrument retailer.  In 1834, Otto Torp went into his first partnership with a gentleman by the name of Viereck to form the firm of “Torp & Viereck”.  Torp & Viereck was located at 465 Broadway, New York City.  This first partnership was short lived and dissolved 1835.  Otto Torp entered into his second partnership with James Love in the firm of “Torp & Love” in 1836.  Torp & Love exhibited one of their first instruments at the American Institute Fair in 1836, and proudly came away with a gold medal for quality and craftsmanship. That first piano exhibited was listed for sale for $500 in 1836, the cost of a small house!
In 1838, Otto Torp entered into a third partnership, this time with Ferdinand Unger, establishing the firm of “Torp & Unger”.  Another short-lived partnership, Torp & Unger was dissolved by 1840. There is no mention of Torp manufacturing pianos after about 1840, but it is suggested that he went on to become a successful music publisher and musical instrument dealer. A square piano by Torp & Unger is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

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Torp & Unger Advertisement
Mid 19th Century Advertisement For The Torp & Unger Piano Company, New York City