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Thorn, Stephen
Stephen R. Thorn (also listed as Thorne) was a small scale, independent piano manufacturer in New York City in the mid-19th Century.  Thorn was listed as a cabinet maker as early as 1829, and he began building pianos in about 1854.  Thorn’s first workshop was listed at 300 East Broadway, but he later moved to Thompson Street by the 1860s.  Thorn built primarily square grand pianos and possibly melodeons, but there is no mention of the firm building upright pianos or traditional grand pianos. Pianos built by small independent firms like Thorn’s were usually of superior quality and craftsmanship.  There is no mention of Thorn after about 1867, indicating that he was likely out of business before 1870.

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Stephen Thorn Advertisement
Mid 19th Century Advertisement For Stephen R. Thorn, Piano Maker, New York City