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Teufel, Joseph
Joseph Teufel was a very small piano maker in New York City during the 1850s – 1860s.  Teufel went into partnership with Henry Dierkes in 1854, forming the firm of “Teufel & Dierkes”.  This partnership was short lived, and Teufel is listed as building pianos under his own name again by 1856.  Teufel built primarily square grand pianos, and his firm was listed first at 89 Mercer Street, then at 100 Centre Street by 1865.  Joseph Teufel continued building pianos well into the 1870s, but appears to have been out of business before 1880.  Pianos by Joseph Teufel are exceedingly rare today.

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Joseph Teufel Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Joseph Teufel, Piano Maker