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Steedman & Hollyer
James Steedman immigrated to The United States from Great Britain sometime around 1860, and began building pianos in New York in about 1863.  Steedman is listed as being in partnership with John Dingle in the firm of “Dingle & Steedman”, in 1864. This partnership was dissolved by 1868 at which time Steedman went into partnership with Alexander Hollyer to form the company of “Steedman & Hollyer“.  This partnership was dissolved in 1872.  In 1873, Steedman admitted his sons William and Mark Steedman into partnership, forming the firm of “Steedman & Company”.   Steedman & Company was a short-lived company and went out of business in 1876.  Steedman specialized in building better quality square grand and upright pianos, and his instruments are exceedingly rare today.

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Steedman & Hollyer Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Steedman & Hollyer Piano Company, New York City