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Southern Grand
The “Southern Grand” was a line of pianos produced by The Adler Manufacturing Company of Louisville, KY during the 1910 – 1928 period.  The Adler Organ Company was established by Cyrus L. Adler in the late 19th Century in Louisville, KY.  The firm originally built “Adler” and “Loreto” organs and also built Beckwith organs for Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Crown organs for George P. Bent under secret contract.  In 1903 the firm was reorganzed as “The Adler Manufacturing Company” at which time the firm began manufacturing pianos in addition to organs.
Instruments built by Adler were known to be of very good quality, and they were made affordable by aggressive financing and payment installment options.  Adler pianos & organs were sold primarily through mail order and larger retail music stores throughout the United States.  Adler went out of business in 1928.

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Southern Grand Advertisement (Adler)
Period Advertisements For The “Southern Grand” Piano, Built By The Adler Manufacturing Company, Louisville, KY