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Nicholas and William Soebbeler were both active in the piano business in the 19th Century in New York City. Nicholas Soebbeler is first listed in 1854 along with partner Gustavus Morgenroth as heading the firm of “Morgenroth & Soebbeler”.  This partnership lasted until about 1856 when Soebbeler withdrew.  That same year, Nicholas Soebbeler went into partnership with Bruno Schmidt to form the company of “Soebbeler & Schmidt”.  Soebbeler & Schmidt built pianos, piano action parts, piano keys, etc. until about 1866.  In about 1868, William Soebbeler joined the firm, and pianos were once again built under the Soebbeler name.  William Soebbeler continued to run the company after the death of Nicholas Soebbeler around 1880. There is no mention of the firm after about 1885, indicating that Soebbeler was out of business well before the turn of the century.

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Soebbeler & Schmidt Advertisements
19th Century Advertisements For The Soebbeler & Schmidt Piano Company, New York City