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Skiff & Trayser

John A. Skiff was a sales agent in Cincinnati, Ohio for pianos built by George L. Trayser.   Mr. Trayser started a small piano factory in Covington, Kentucky (a suburb of Cincinnati) known as “Trayser & Company”.  The firm of “Morse & Guernsey” of Louisville, KY were consignment agents for Trayser & Co. by 1851.

In 1853, Trayser’s younger brother, Phillip Trayser (who lived in Baltimore) signed a guarantee for $1,000 for Trayser to expand his business.  In 1854 George L. Trayser entered into a brief partnership with John A. Skiff in the firm of “Skiff & Trayser Piano Company”.  Skiff marketed and sold Trayser’s pianos around the region with some success.  Unfortunately, George L. Trayser struggled financially and was insolvent before 1855.  In 1857, the Covington KY factory was destroyed by fire. George L. Trayser then moved his factory to Louisville, Kentucky.


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