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William Seybold originally established “The Seybold Reed-Pipe Organ Company” in Peoria, IL in 1902.  The firm was met with immediate success and Seybold was purchased by The Strohber Piano Company in 1903.  That same year the Seybold firm was moved to larger factories in Elgin, IL.  In 1908 the firm began building pianos as well as organs, and the firm was reorganized as “The Seybold Piano & Organ Company”.  The firm was building as many as 20 organs and 100 pianos per week!   Seybold also produced a successful line of pianos under the “Curtace” brand name as an affordable alternative to the costlier Seybold brand.
In 1913 The Seybold Piano Company merged with F. Engelhardt & Sons, (owners of The Peerless Player Piano Company) to form “The Engelhardt – Seybold Piano Company”.  The firm went into receivership less than two years later.  In 1918 The E. P. Johnson Piano Company purchased the assets of the firm and continue to build pianos under the “Seybold” brand name until the Great Depression.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Seybold Piano & Organ Advertisments
Early 20th Century Piano & Organ Advertisement For The Seybold Piano & Organ Company, Circa 1915
Seybold Piano Brochure
Early 20th Century Brochure For The Seybold Piano Company, Circa About 1916