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Rogers & Winant
Abel Rogers began building pianos in New York City sometime before about 1840.  In 1841, Rogers displayed his square pianos at the American Institute Fair, winning third place among several more established manufacturers. In 1844, Rogers went into partnership with Robert Glenn, forming the firm of “Glenn, Rogers & Company”.  This partnership lasted until about 1846 at which time Rogers went into partnership with William Bennett, forming “Bennett, Rogers & Company“.  Rogers left his partnership with Bennett in 1848. Soon after, Rogers went into partnership with a furniture maker by the name of Daniel D. Winant, and they founded the piano manufacturing firm of “Rogers & Winant“.
Rogers & Winant enjoyed modest success for several years, and by 1855 they were producing about 50 pianos a year.  Rogers & Winant was dissolved in about 1857, and Abel Rogers started building pianos under the name of “Rogers & Company”.  In 1859, Rogers went into partnership with Jesse Davis to form “Rogers, Davis & Company”.  Rogers, Davis & Company specialized in building piano cabinets until sometime around the Civil War era.

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Rogers & Winant Piano Company Advertisement
Mid 19th Century Advertisement for Rogers & Winant Piano Company, New York