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Rintelman Piano Company

A. H. Rintelman started out as a small Chicago retailer of musical instruments and related merchandise in the late 19th Century.  & Company had warerooms and offices located at 145 Wabash Avenue and 568 N. Clark Street, Chicago.  The firm also had warerooms located in New York City for a short time.

Just before the turn-of-the-century, Rintelman began manufacturing pianos under his own name at which time he incorporated his firm as “A. H. Rintelman & Company”.  The firm sold a full line of upright pianos, player pianos and small baby grands through the 1920’s period.  There is also evidence that the firm was a very small-scale music publisher in addition to manufacturing and selling pianos.

Firms like “A. H. Rintelman & Company” were small-scale, family owned firms which would produce instruments in relatively modest numbers compared to most larger manufacturers.  Since the average piano would cost several hundred dollars in the early 20th Century, these small family owned firms could do very well for themselves building instruments in modest numbers.  Because so few instruments were actually built, historical information about these small manufacturers is often very hard, sometimes even impossible, to find.  We do find that instruments built by these small family owned firms were excellent pianos – only the best quality and craftsmanship was good enough to be affixed with the family name.


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Rintelman PIano Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For Rintelman Piano Company, Chicago