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Radle, F.
Mr. F. Radle established his firm in 1850 in New York City.  F. Radle began as a retailer of musical instruments and slowly expanded into a dealer of parts and supplies for piano and organ manufacturers.  The firm was located at 383 Lafayette Street during the 19th Century.  In 1898, F. Radle acquired the piano manufacturer “Fleischer & Company” of New York.  Radle began manufacturing pianos under the “F. Radle” brand name alongside “Fleischer & Company” pianos.  By the first part of the 20th Century, the firm was being managed by E. J. Radle, son of the founder, and factories were moved to West 36th Street.  The F. Radle Piano Company went out of business in 1931 with the death of E. J. Radle.

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