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Purcell, I. S.
I. S. Purcell was born in Missouri in 1869. By 1890, Purcell was building pianos and organs under his own name in Chicago.  Purcell’s big break came when he partnered up with W.W. Kimball of the famous Kimball Piano & Organ Company, building pianos that were retailed by Kimball’s large piano retail outlets.  Purcell built pianos and organs during the late 19th Century, but discontinued organs by 1910 and increased production in pianos.  During the ‘˜teens and ‘˜twenties, I. S. Purcell offered a full line of upright pianos, player pianos, and grand pianos that were sold along side Kimball and other famous brand names. Instruments by Purcell were known to be of very good quality while at the same time being an affordable alternative to costlier brand name pianos.  I. S. Purcell went out of business in about 1929 due to the Great Depression.

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Purcell Piano Advertisements
20th Century Advertisement For I. S. Purcell Piano Company, Chicago
Purcell Organ Advertisement
19th Century Organ Advertisement For I. S. Purcell Piano & Organ Company, Chicago