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Frank Albert Pelton was born in Boston in 1855. In 1875, Pelton traveled to the West Coast and worked as a piano salesman for piano shops in California and Oregon. Pelton then returned to Boston and worked as a salesman for the piano retailer H. W. Berry. In 1888, Pelton opened his own piano company at 171 Tremont Street, Boston, and soon expanded operations to 424 Boylston Street, Boston. Pelton retailed several well-known brand names, and soon began building pianos under the Pelton name.
The firm was incorporated in 1902 with his son, A. R. Pelton, listed as President. In 1916, the firm was reorganized as ‘Pelton Piano Company’, and was then located at 168 Tremont Street, Boston. Pelton was known for building high quality, durable pianos, and they were marketed as an affordable alternative to costlier brand-name pianos. Pelton appears to have gone out of business well before the Great Depression, and pianos by Pelton are quite rare today.

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