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Andrew Pappenberger was a short lived, small-scale piano manufacturer in New York City in the last quarter of the 19th Century. Building primarily upright and square grand pianos, Pappenberger is first listed at 515 West 42nd Street in about 1876. From 1876 – 1877, Pappenberger went into partnership with a successful piano dealer by the name of Edward Taubald, establishing the piano building firm of “Pappenberger & Taubald”.  Their factory was located at 532 West 35th Street, New York City. In 1888, Pappenberger was once again working independently and building pianos under his own name.  There is no mention of Pappenberger after about 1880.

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Pappenberger & Taubald Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For The Pappenberger & Taubald Piano Company, New York City