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Palmer Piano Company

The Palmer Piano Company was established in the late 19th Century in New York City, then incorporated in 1906. The firm was originally located at Walton Avenue & Cheever Place, later expanding to 128th Street and Park Avenue. Their showrooms were located at 1881 Park Avenue, New York.

Palmer appears to have been a smaller, family owned firm that produced pianos in smaller volume when compared to the output of most large New York firms.  Like most smaller, family-owned firms, Palmer pianos were known to be of very good quality and the firm was quite successful despite their modest output.

The Palmer Piano Company produced a full line of upright pianos, player pianos and baby grand pianos.  Palmer also produced a line of pianos under the “Sovereign” brand name.

The Palmer Piano Company appears to have gone out of business during the World War I era as there is no mention of the firm after about 1916.


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Palmer Piano Company Pamphlet
Palmer Piano Company Sales Pamphlet, Circa 1910