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Newby & Evans
Alfred J. Newby and John Evans entered into partnership in 1882 to form the firm of “Newby & Evans” in New York City.  Mr. Newby had worked for many years for his brother-in-law, piano maker Peter Mixsell while Mr. Evans came to the firm with a background in banking and finance.  The combined talents of Newby & Evans led the firm to great success in a relatively short amount of time.  By 1888 the firm erected a factory on 136th Street that was capable of building 40 pianos a week!
During the 19th Century the firm built upright pianos exclusively, but after the turn-of-the-century they added player pianos to their product line.  Newby & Evans built a line of pianos under the brand name “Monroe” as an affordable alternative to the costlier Newby & Evans brand name. Newby & Evans was absorbed into The National Piano Manufacturing Company after the Great Depression.  The firm continued to build pianos under the “Newby & Evans” brand name until World War II.

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Newby & Evans Trade Card
Turn-of-the-century trade card with color lithograph from Newby & Evans Piano Company

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