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Meyer, Conrad (& Sons)
Conrad Meyer is one of the most notable makers in American piano history. Meyer established his firm in Philadelphia in 1823. He built a number of very high quality square grand pianos during the early to middle 19th Century, and his pianos were renowned by the industry as being very advanced for their time.
Conrad Meyer’s most famous contribution to the piano industry was his invention of the first complete iron plate for the piano, a patent he was awarded in 1833.  It is interesting to note that this first iron frame was designed for a square piano, not a grand or an upright (photos and description of Meyer’s iron frame can be seen on the last page of the Meyer catalog listed below). The invention of the full iron frame was one of the single most important advancements to the piano’s evolution ever, and was widely adapted by all U. S. manufacturers before the Civil War.
In the 1850s Meyer took his two sons Charles E. Meyer and Reed Meyer into partnership, forming the firm of “Conrad Meyer & Sons”. Conrad Meyer & Sons continued to exhibit their instruments across the country, and they were awarded numerous awards and patents. There is no mention of the firm after the late 1870s, and instruments by Conrad Meyer are quite rare and of museum caliber today.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Conrad Meyer & Sons Catalog
1876 Sales Catalog For Conrad Meyer & Sons Piano Manufacturers, Philadelphia
Conrad Meyer Advertisements
Early 19th Century Advertisements For The Conrad Meyer Piano Company, Circa About 1855
Meyer & Sons Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Meyer & Sons Piano Company Philadelphia